RV Awning Travel Lock:
Enjoy your Montana RV more!

Hi, Bob or Mary---
--------I'm Keith. Technology tells me that you probably came from the Montana Owners Club site, but it doesn't tell me your name. So, if I may, I'll just call you Bob or Mary, whichever is appropriate.

But because you are not "Dakota" or "Shane" or "Tiffany" or "Elicia," I'll assume we're about the same age. Furthermore, I'll assume that you own or are interested in Montana RV products. I, too, have a fifth-wheel trailer and love it.

I'm sure you love your Montana, too. Why wouldn't you—you paid good money for it, you like the life style it provides, and you meet lots of great people while using it. And you probably like to keep it in tip-top condition.

Bob/Mary, you probably do lots of things to keep it looking nice: wash it when needed, and wax and polish it to keep it looking like a million bucks—even though it didn't cost quite that much. (Here's where our similarities diverge a bit: I hate to wax!)

I hesitate to bring this up, but have you ever, even once,
thought how you would feel if your Montana was parked beside the highway
and you were forced to deal with an awning which had blown off?

I hadn't, either. Until one cold, blustery, day on I-80 in the middle of Nebraska it happened! Then I had to deal with a lost awning. Right then. In the cold and wind. (The pictures of my rig on the Home page give a little sample of what I was up against!)

I don't want you to be in that position. Ever.
That's one reason I market the small, attractice, patented,
easy-to-install RV Awning Travel Lock.

Just click the link below to read about The Greatest Myth in RVing and learn how to save your awning!

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