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Availability News

A supply chain issue has been resolved! That means that there will be more Model A and Model B locks produced!

There might be a short gap when Model A locks are not available but I expect it to be days or a few weeks, not months.

Orders for both models are now accepted.

July 12, 2024 0905

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From our customers....

I am okay with being listed as a positive testimonial for your prompt service and well designed/made product in the "RV Awning Travel Lock".

But full disclosure I did not completely come up with the method I used of attaching the "model A" I purchased to my "classic " 2015 Escape 17b travel trailer.

The topic of using and attaching this item was extensively discussed in the "Escape trailer owners community forum". This is where I learned of your product.

I chose the method that I thought would work best for me from various ideas for attachment. I did choose the size of the aluminum plate, where to place the existing /additional fastners and where the locks pin entered the Awning tube ...but basically worked off others offered ideas for attachment.

Having said this, I do believe this product is an awsome idea and think it will be a great addition to the locking mechanism on the awning tube.

Frank & Karen G., Wrangell, Alaska (October, 2022)

From our customers....

Photo of happy customers Dave and Robyn

I wanted to say thank you. I too had my awning unfurl while vacationing in Oregon. Fortunately for me I was exiting the interstate and was on the off ramp so my speed was much less, but the cross winds were about 25 - 35 mph. But it was still a challenge getting the awning back in place. Once I found your site I told my wife I have to have one of these because I don't ever want that to happen again.

I received the lock and installed it, it was an easy install with your great instructions. I was so impressed with your product that I showed my neighbor who also has a class c motor home like me, and he has in the past had an awning unfurl so he ordered one too. He told me that he received it and has installed it.

So thank you again for marketing such a great product.

If my comments stop even one more awning from unfurling it's a great day.

Dave & Robynn K., Murray City, UT (October, 2020)

From our customers....

Our awning blew off while traveling about a year back. Insurance replaced it but we were blessed that we didn't hurt anyone or damage our coach or car. The awning makers should be required to put one of your units on each coach.

Al M., Warsaw, Indiana (March, 2018)

A few quick facts:
  1. Only one RV Awning Travel Lock is required on a patio awning.

  2. Strapping the arms together DOES NOT prevent a patio awning from unfurling.

  3. RV Awning Travel Locks for Carefree and LCI power awnings are now available! Locks for Carefree window and door awnings are also available. Please contact the manufacturer, Loess Hills Innovations, at or 712 310-7188 for information, prices, and to order.

There's a very interesting thread in the forum's section of If you've wondered about your awning coming unfurled, you might want to read at least some of that thread.

I'll pass along some of the truths stated in the thread:

  • Just about any patio awning can come unfurled.
  • Unfurling can be prevented by preventing the awning roller tube from rotating.
  • Strapping the arms together will NOT prevent unfurling.
  • You DO NOT want it to happen to you. Ever.
Here's the link:

From our customers....

We had the "awning unfurling experience" going through the Kentucky mountains last week. Unbelievable, scary, and something I would never have thought could happen.

Today I started looking online for information on this topic and found your site and video. After reviewing several blogs, posts, forums etc. I decided that your product is definitely superior in every way to the DIY homemade projects.

I have just placed my order for a "Model A" for my A&E 8500 . . .

. . . Once installed, I will take some photos and send you an update.

Thanks in advance for your assistance and I look forward to many more miles of "Safe Travels" once installed.

Jim Brown, Campbellville, Ontario (January, 2017)

From our customers....

Keith. Installed awning lock today, took about hour, if it wasn't for pictures, I most likely would have done something wrong, anyway it turned out perfect. Thanks. Ed....Norcor, CA (March, 2015)

This short video comments on statements made on a popular RV forum.

The Problem with RV Awnings

Photo of a ripped-off awning laying beside the fifth-wheel trailer.

If you've traveled extensively with your RV, chances are you have either lost an awning while driving down the road or know someone who has. It has happened to me.

It could happen to you!

The cost to repair such an event can easily be several hundred dollars—and that's if you're lucky! And that doesn't even address the inconvenience, delay, and frustration caused by the sudden departure of parts of your awning from your coach.

The good news is that the chance of this happening to you can be greatly reduced by purchasing and installing an RV Awning Travel Lock for under $50! (Look at the cost as the one-time premium for a risk reduction plan!)

From our customers....


I just wanted to let you know I received my awning lock. That was very quick shipment. The awning lock is beautifully designed and manufactured and very easy to install. I spent about an hour installing mine, just because I wanted to be sure I did it correctly. After the first one, I could probably install another one in 15 to 20 minutes.

Your product operates well and is worth every penny.

Thanks again,
Ed B., Alger, MI" (July, 2010)

What Happens to RV Awnings?

While driving down the highway, the awning fabric billows upward. This is most likely to happen while at cruise speed on a day with strong gusts of wind. When the awning billows, it simply becomes a huge sail with lots of power. That power usually rips the fabric and often bends or breaks much of the hardware which attaches the awning to the coach. Often, awning fittings are literally ripped from the coach, damaging the coach as well as awning fittings, rafters, and the roller.

Photo of a broken bracket and support arm.

According to The Greatest Myth in RVing, this disastrous event is triggered by the support arms falling open. Not True! This can happen even if the arms are secured so they can not "fall open." It is triggered by air action which pulls the canopy fabric upward. This can put tremendous force on the roller, force which the manufacturer's built-in brake can not hold. The awning roller rotates and lets more of the awning fabric unroll. This creates an even larger "sail." This puts ever greater forces upon the RV awning components and something has to give! Usually the awning fabric tears and the awning parts are ripped from the coach. Once the destructive process begins, it will all be over in a few seconds. Except dealing with the aftermath, that is.

If one is very fortunate, only modest additional damage is done to the coach itself or to other vehicles. Even then, the expense to return to normal is several hundred dollars, a frustrating delay, and a mess to clean up. And remember, that's if you're lucky!

From our customers....

"Hi Keith:

.......We did have a VERY CLOSE-CALL while traveling to AZ from Oregon of ruining our awning, despite having the velcro straps on the arms (from a previous incident!). Indeed, it began to unfurl in a severe sidewind. ....

Dave B., Sherwood, OR" (Feb. 2009)

Photo of the roller end, with ripped and twisted awning.

Why Do RV Awnings Blow Off?

Each awning manufacturer builds a "catch," or brake, into the awning roller. It is supposed to prevent the awning fabric from unwinding except when one is extending the awning on purpose. These catches occasionally fail to do their job, even on relatively new awnings. (No one is immune!) The result is that the RVer has an expensive mess on their hands.

From a future customer....


... We were bringing our Kountry Star MH home from Newmar after having them put on a new rubber roof. We got into storms with 60mph wind gusts. The awning blew out 3 times before we finally parked and waited out the storms. The last 2 times I had taped the arms together with duct tape and it still blew out. Believe it or not after the last time it rolled itsself back up and I taped the roller shield (9000 awning) to the side of the coach so it couldn't unroll again. Unfortunately the awning fabric tore on the last blow out.

I will be replacing the awning soon. .....

I am definitely adding the Awning Lock as soon as I am sure of the right model and fit.

Thanks for your help,

Hugh T., Nashville, IN" (Feb. 2009)

The Solution to Lost Awnings on RVs

Purchase and install an after-market awning lock on your RV awning—one which will actually lock the roller tube in place so that it can not rotate! This will greatly reduce the chance that your awning will be inadvertently lost due to a wind gust while traveling. The RV Awning Travel Lock offered here is simple to install; you can probably do it yourself in about an hour. It'll fit just about any manually operated A & E or Carefree awning manufactured since 1985. It may also fit other awnings, but a complete list isn't available.

Photo of The RV Awning Travel Lock.

The lock will come to you completely assembled, as shown at the left. (Click the picture to enlarge it.) The three self-tapping, self-threading, screws required to attach it to your existing awning are included, as are two pop rivets which might or might not be needed. And there's a full sheet, both sides, of detailed instructions.

The detailed, tedious, work of researching the problem and coming up with a solution has already been done. The product has been produced, assembled, and packaged and great instructions provided. The hard part has been done; all that remains is for you to buy and install the lock for protection against an unpleasant event which can definitely ruin your day, and possibly your vacation.

Is it worth about fifty bucks to be practically assured that you'll never lose an awning? Order Today!

From our customers....

I'm very pleased with the design and construction. I'm also pleased with the supplemental instructions with the pictures. I haven't tried the installation yet. (Waiting for a warm day.)

Alan O., Longmont, CO

From our customers....

. . . At any rate, thanks for your great customer service and, most importantly, your patience! Now that I see it, I can see that installation is a piece of cake. I just didn't want to make a stupid and irreversible mistake.

and a few days later, this . . .

Installed the lock today in less than 45 minutes, even with being very careful and double-checking everything. It was ridiculously easy, once you understand what you're supposed to do. . . .

Clay F., Annapolis, MD (January, 2010)

Some RV Awning Travel Lock Details

Here are some facts which answer questions other customers have had:

From our customers....

...thanks for this great awning pin. I am going to install it this weekend. I am impressed with how sturdy it is. Thanks Keith and you have a great day.

Mary Ann S., Stanwood, WA

The Choices in RV Awning Locks

If you spend an hour or two searching the 'net, you can find several devices offered which are intended to solve the problem discussed above. Some are a bit inconvenient to engage/disengage when you go to lock/unlock your awning. Others detract from the appearance of your coach. And at least one even attaches to the body of the coach! Few are patented. If you do spend the time and research the solutions, chances are good that you'll end up back at this page so you might want to Bookmark this page right now.

Photo of Lock installed on A&E (Dometic) 8500 awning.

The awning lock we offer was invented and is produced by an RVer with decades of RVing experience. He researched the mechanics of RV awnings and came up with a simple, inexpensive, and, most importantly, effective solution to what can be a very expensive problem for an RVer. The result is the RV Awning Travel Lock, a patented product offered here.

The RV Awning Travel Lock is attractive and does not detract from the coach's appearance. In fact, it looks as if it was part of the coach and, we feel, should have been! It can be engaged or disengaged in a few seconds, using your normal awning wand.

It's effectiveness comes from the way it secures the roller. It locks the roller from rotating by inserting a steel rod about 3/8" into the roller tube and its end cap. Truly a positive, mechanically sound, method of preventing rotation and the accompanying damage to your property.

Reduce the risk of losing your awning by ordering and installing an RV Awning Travel Lock now, before your next trip!

Which Model of RV Awning Travel Lock Should I Order?

Pictures of several awnings are shown to help determine which RV Awning Travel Lock to order on this page: Which Model?

RV Awning Travel Lock Model Selection Guide

For This Awning:Order This Lock:
Dometic or A&E
WeatherPro Power Awning
Model B w/Adapter TSWP
Dometic or A&E
9100 Power Awning
Model B w/Adapter TSWP + Spacer
Dometic or A&E
One Step
Model B w/Adapter TSWP
Dometic or A&E
Two Step
Model B w/Adapter TSWP
Dometic or A&E
8500, 9000
w/rectangular arms
Model A
Dometic or A&E
8500, 9000
w/"U" shaped arms
Model A
Dometic or A&E
w/rectangular arms
Model A
Dometic or A&E
w/"U" shaped arms
Model A
Carefree manual except PioneerModel A
Carefree Pioneer
Manual Crank Awning
Not Available (Not required)
Order locks for the awnings above directly on this website.
RV Awning Travel Locks for the following products are available
only by ordering directly
from the manucturer:
To obtain information or order, contact:
Carefree Power Awning
Dometic 9200 Power Awning
LCI Power Awning
Slide Topper Awning
Window Awning
Door Awning
Loess Hills Innovations
Attn: Wilson Forbes or
(712) 310-7188

Ordering an RV Awning Travel Lock

RV Awning Travel Locks are usually in stock. Orders are almost always processed within 24 hours of receipt. The price is $39.95 for each lock plus $4.50 shipping and handling for each order (each order, not each lock) in the U.S.

For shipments to Canada, it is $13.56 for one lock or $20.19 for two locks.
For shipping price to other countries or other quantities, or if the shipping charge shows as $99.99, please email me before ordering. All amounts are in USD.

If you have questions about the lock, your application, or ordering, please feel free to email me or phone me.

There are two convenient ways to order: online or by mail. Choose the one most convenient for you. (Ordering by phone and paying with a credit card isn't an option because the credit card charges are huge.)

  1. You can order directly from this site, via PayPal, and pay with a credit card or your PayPal account. (You do not need to have a PayPal account to pay using your credit card via PayPal.) Once the shopping cart comes up, you can change the quantity if you want to order more than one RV Awning Travel Lock. The form will take care of all the math.

    Iowa residents note: The Iowa Sales Tax will be calculated at 7%. If the tax is less than that at your delivery point, please send me a message with the actual tax rate. The difference will be refunded to you.

    Select the model you wish to order from the drop-down menu below. Then click the "Add to Cart" button.

    Model Required

  2. If you prefer, mail a check or money order in US Dollars to the address below. The amount is $39.95 for each lock plus $4.50 to cover shipping and handling expenses for each order shipped within the US. For other countries, see the first paragraph in this section.

    Iowa residents: Add the sales tax applicable at your ship-to address. This will be between 5% and 7%.

    Be sure to specify whether you want a Model A, a Model B w/TSWP Adapter , or a Model B w/TSWP Adapter + Spacer.

    Permanent business and mailing address:

    Keith Williams
    4101 Treeline Ct. NE
    Cedar Rapids, IA 52411

    Phone number: 1-319-395-7405


If you have questions about the RV Awning Travel Lock, please contact me.

From our customers....

Thank you for the prompt service. I received the awning lock today. I will installing it shortly. I ordered other items from different venders prior to your order. I have not received any of those items yet. Thanks again for your prompt service.

Don Z., Indio, CA September 2010

Support for RV Awning Travel Locks

First, the instructions provided by the inventor are excellent.If you have normal handyman tools and skills, you can probably install the RV Awning Travel Lock yourself in about an hour. (That's a small investment to enjoy years of peace of mind while you travel!)

Second, when you order a Model A RV Awning Travel Lock from this site you'll receive an Additional Installation Information sheet which includes seven photos which supplement the already-great instructions. Some who have ordered from have commented that these were very helpful.

Third, I'll be glad to answer any questions via e-mail or phone.

From our customers....


Appreciate the awesome service, waiting for a dry day to install the lock.
Bob L., Harwood, MD April 2016

From our customers....


I am looking forward to receiving the awning lock. It will really put my mind at ease during travel. Thank you very much to take the time to both respond to my email and in speaking with me on the phone.

Brenda D., Bayville, NJ